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This competition program is for the individuals that have that competitive drive and are able to take on a  rigorous dance training program that builds ability, artistic integrity, and leadership skills. Our dancers gain the opportunity to grow through an increasingly challenging program that incorporates ballet, contemporary, and ballroom technique classes, rehearsals with renowned choreographers, performing opportunities, camps and of course competitions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our proven effective training, based on the Carolina DanceSport Culture Model, provides young artists with leadership development, individual mentoring and restorative whole-person education.

Competition Calendar 

German Open Dance Festival 

June 14th-15th

Mannheim, Germany



June 28th-29th

Orlando, FL.


Manhattan Dance Championships 

July 4th-7th

Brooklyn, NY



August 3rd-4th

New York, NY

NV Ball Championships 

August 15-17

Las Vegas, NV

Roma Dance Camp/Roma Cup 

September 18-20

Cassino, Italy

Carolina Fall Classic

October 4-6

Charlotte, NC

Ohio Star Ball

November 22-23

Columbus, OH

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